Terms and Conditions


1 - All photographs on this website are the exclusive www.underwater-landscape.com of Gabriel BARATHIEU property and are governed by copyright, as described in the Code of Intellectual Property of the French law.
No photographs of the site is "no rights". Any representation or complete or partial reproduction made without the consent of the author or his assigns is illegal and punished according to the laws relating to the infringement of copyright. It is the same for the translation, adaptation or transformation, arrangement or reproduction by an art or process whatsoever (art. L122-4 of the ICC).

2 - In accordance with the CPI (Code of Intellectual Property, L121-1 articles L121-9) will be transferred to the client for the work described as economic rights expressly set forth in the terms of sale, excluding any another, within the limits set out therein as well. The sale of operating rights concerns only the conditions described explicitly use. Any other condition of use is the subject of a new trade negotiation.

3 - The transfer of exploitation rights does not give ownership of the media (in this case the downloaded digital file) to the distributor or agent. The media is the vehicle of the image whose broadcast rights were sold. This support must be destroyed by the customer after the granted period of operation. Similarly, any transmission by the customer to a third party, whether free or not, is prohibited.

4 - Communication and use of photographs are independent of third party rights (right image). The customer has to ensure himself compliance, addressing where appropriate, directly to the persons concerned to obtain the release of authorizations.

5 - It is recalled that the moral law (including, among others, the right to respect for the work and respect for the name), remains attached to its author to perpetual and imprescriptible way. The words "Photo © Gabriel BARATHIEU" is mandatory for each use of the image (Act No. 92-597 of July 1, 1992).

6 - Gabriel BARATHIEU reserves the right to mention the use of these images by the customer as a reference and cite textual or graphic excerpts of the works concerned within the strict framework of its business development efforts, communication and advertising.

7 - According to the law, assignment of notes payable to release / publication. Unless extended payment agreed by agreement between the two parties and on the invoice, the payment is made on or before the 30th day following the date of invoice (C.Com. Art. L441-6, para. 2 modified the law of 15 May 2001). Any delay in payment will result in late penalties payable without return 3 times the legal interest rate, plus, according to the Decree of 2/10/2012 2012_1115, a lump sum of 40 € for expenses recovery. No discount given for cash payment.

8 - The buyer is committed to providing an account of publication of the photographs used in Gabriel BARATHIEU either by email or by post, at intervals of six months throughout the expected useful when the purchase thereof.