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Megaptéra in the lagoon of Mayotte


Areialpanoramic view from Saziley
Threespot dascyllus


Blue lagoon
North reef of Mayotte
Like a painting
Aquatic garden
Coral biodiversity of the North Reef of Mayotte
North Reef Coral Garden


School of damselfish and their coral potato
North Reef Coral Potato
Bottlenose dolphin family
Bottlenose dolphin from Indian océan
Dolphin and reflection


Mating green turtles

Earlier 2021

Sea turtule in black and white


Fish Tower
Imperial Shrimp
S-pass coral potato
The Vivier
Happy Fish
Harlequin crab in its pineapple holoturia
Manta ray in the lagoon of Mayotte
Coral war
Sunlight and coral
A weekend in Mayotte
White Galathea of the Twilight Zone
Life explosion
Underwater wild angle
Tiger Shark by 114 meters deep
Shell eyes
Shell Eye
Shell pictures - Starfish pictures
Green coral
Coral polyps
Underwater art : Jellyfish
Nudibranch - Yellow Nudi - sea snail
eegs of spanish
Nudibranchs - Sea snails
Holothurian harlequin crab
Holothurian harlequin crab
Crinoid crab - Gabriel Barathieu
Red Spotted Guard Crab
Scarlet cleaner shrimp
Harlequin shrimp
Harlequin shrimp - underwater Mozambique
Peacock-tail anemone shrimp
Humpbacked shrimp
Shrimp underwater picture in a blue sponge