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Brown Noddy Sunset


The flight of the Brown Noddies
Underwater bush
The flaming flight
People and Reef
White sand and red anemone
Tabular corals and tropical fish
M'Tsamboro reef
Acropora Bouquet
Hard Corals and Soft Corals
Blue Lagon
Anémon beach
Hatchetfish and coral
The lagoon pools
Coral reef of the pools of southern Mayotte
Branchy coral
The arch of  Iris reef
Alex Arch
Gamètes of sponge
Release of gametes from barrel sponges


The twilight zone of the S-shaped pass
Green eyed shrimp
The eye of the squid
Translucent Shrimp
Close portrait of a leaf fish


Leaf fish close up
Find the shrimp !
Somewhere under the S pass
The coral semaphore
Lionfish on the reef
Papate à Bolbo
Vivier, passe en S
Rebreather diver and gorgon


Megaptéra in the lagoon of Mayotte


Areialpanoramic view from Saziley
Threespot dascyllus

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Blue lagoon
Aquatic garden
Coral biodiversity of the North Reef of Mayotte
North Reef Coral Garden
School of damselfish and their coral potato
Bottlenose dolphin family
Bottlenose dolphin from Indian océan
Dolphin and reflection
Mating green turtles
Sea turtule in black and white


Fish Tower
Imperial Shrimp
S-pass coral potato