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Deep Blue Exploration

My goal is not to teach, I am neither a scientist nor a teacher. I am a discoverer, my goal is to amaze. We love what has amazed us, and we protect what we love.

J. Y. Cousteau

The association was created on June 2, 2019 but it existed in an unofficial way in recent years. The actions undertaken by DEEP BLUE EXPLORATION began well before its creation, during the month of August 2017.

Mesophotic Reef

Récif profond découvert par l'association

In the middle of 2017, two photographer divers, Gabriel BARATHIEU and Olivier KONIECZNYand , begin to befriend him during the incursions into what is called the Twilight Zone.

Passionate about technical diving, exploration, photography and underwater fauna, the two rebreather divers begin regular dives in the twilight zone (between 50 and 120 meters deep at first) of the external slope of the coral reef of the lagoon south of Mayotte.

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TInitially amazed by the discovery of this unknown area, divers were quickly intrigued by the life that develops there leading them to naturalism.

Indeed some remarkable underwater species led them to make contact through common knowledge with scientists.

It was then the meeting with Professor Bernard Andrée THOMASSIN and Professor Michel PICHON, both of whom were strongly interested in the photographs of the two men, which marked the beginning of a collaboration between the rebreather divers of the mesophotic zone and the scientific body.

It was then that the two divers became Correspondents of the Natural History Museum of Nice.

Since this year 2017, the number of researchers and specialists from all walks of life with whom the association collaborates continues to increase with a common goal:

Studying and preserving underwater biodiversity!

As of July 2019, the association had already discovered more than 35 species (fish, crustaceans, echinoderms, coral, etc.) not referenced in Mayotte and sometimes even the Indian Ocean. Also, 5 of them could be new species unknown to science.

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Our Missions

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Our Collaborators and Partners



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Les statuts

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