Macro from Misool

Crinoid Clingfish
Face to face with a porcelain crab
Baba's crinoid squat lobster
Commensal shrimp
Two symbiotic porcelain crabs
Popcorn anemone shrimp
Commensal crinoid shrimp
Santa Claus Pygmy Seahorse
Porcelain crab
Pellasimnia brunneiterma
Elegant Crinoid Squat Lobster
Baba's crinoid squat lobster
Spotted porcelain crab
I see you
Bubble-coral shrimp
Raja Ampat's Ocellated Clownfish
Ocellaris clownfish
The eye of the crocodile
A pygmy seahorse father norel looking at me
Speedy  Pygmy Seahorse
Lognosed coral guardian
Denise's pygmy seahorse from Raja Ampat
On the soft coral
Small thorny soft coral crab
Small crab in its spiny soft coral
Christmas pygmy seahorse
Rosewater's egg
Denise's pygmy seahorse
Pygmy Seahorse close up
Bargibant's seahorse close up
Bargibant's seahorse